DRYCON’s  core activities include waterproofing. We are the sole distributor of Kalmatron products in Poland. We have been providing regarding sales, training and technological support to our clients for over five years. Our vast knowledge and experience as well as in-depth technical and cost analysis allows for providing optimal sol utions. Because of this our clients get an advantageous price and a high service quality guarantee.

Crack Repairs


Lift Shaft Sealing

naprawa spekan    uszczelnianie szybow windowych

Crack repairs using Kalmatron technology. There are cracks at a parking level -1 visible in the picture. Removing over 130 meters of leaks and cracks.  


In a difficult environment (grease, fat) we usually employ Kalmatron and Webac technology. The picture presents a lift shaft sealing provided for Thyssen Krup.

Sealing Permanent Leaks


Drying Basements and Houses

uszczelnianie stalych przeciekow    osuszanie powierzchni

Kalmastop stops permanent leaks in a matter of minutes. The picture presents a water leak in an underground parking in Warsaw. 


A poorly executed external waterproofing, mechanical damages and a rising groundwater level are the most common causes of flooding lower floors in our houses. KALMATRON technology appropriately applied provides a fast and effective solution. Our services are covered by at least a five year guarantee!

Quay Repairs



naprawa nabrzezy     

A wide range of Kalmatron products as well as its potential for adapting to the clients’ needs allows for their application even in difficult conditions. The picture presents repairing and reinforcing a quay surface in the Gdańsk Shipyard.