DRYCON provides high quality services, based on our precisely defined standards which are followed at the implementation stage of each project. Our vast experience, accurately defined procedures and our employees’ expert knowledge warrant the highest quality of DRYCON services.

The primary goal of DRYCON is the satisfaction of its clients. It is achieved through assuring complete solutions with regards to the services provided at each investment stage. With new experience gained every day we are constantly improving our services. We are recommended and trained by many leading manufacturers, such as Flügger (paints and wallpapers), Kalmatron and Webac (sealings and waterproofing) and Dorma (glass systems).



Painting Flugger


Interior Finishing




  • recommended by Flugger
  • painting service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • recommended by over 40 companies
  • following procedures guaranteeing the highest quality of service

  • general contractor
  • project managment
  • monitoring investments
  • technical consultancy
  • measurements and surface calculation
  • complete range of services: telecomunications and IT, carpet supply and fitting, suspended ceilings, air-condition and ventilation, painting Flugger, glass systems, walls and doors

  • cracks repair, sealing leaks, injection repair of walls and floors
  • certificates and trainings in WEBAC and KALMATRON technologies
  • over 30 lift shaft sealing projects completed
  • floor cracks repair using Kalmatron technology
  • credentials and the lowest prices


Company History

1991 - Yuri Nikolajewics Temnikov, the author and owner of the patent starts manufacturing and distribution of Kalmatron in the former Soviet Union area. The first investments are made and the manufacturing process starts in Novosybirsk
1997 - Kalmatrade is founded in St. Petersburg for distribution of Kalmatron products in Russia. For more information please refer to our partner’s site www.kalmatron.su    
2006 - Yuri Nikolajewics Temnikov registers Kalmatron trademark in Poland and the European Union, nr 004621579. No other company may use the word Kalmatron to name products, companies or technologies in the area of waterproofing, concrete repairs,  concrete admixtures, etc.      

2010 - Drycon sp z o.o. creates a new Kalmatron logo, which in a simple and transparent manner displays advantages of the mixtures. Kalmatron increases its quality due to a new Plant Manufacturing Control as well as new hermetic plastic containers. 
2010 - Drycon sp z o.o. in cooperation with the Patent Office eliminate unfair distributors, who on the grounds of the law are prohibited to use the KALMATRON trademark.
2011 – We train our representatives in Poland, we take part in most of the trade fairs where our partners are present. Here visiting Kalmatron Holding stand with Yurii Nikolajewics Temnikov, the owner of Kalmatrade Holding, Elena Merzlakova, the Sales Director and the sales team at a trade fair in St. Petersburg.
2011 - Drycon takes part in investment projects in many various places in Poland. Our products are applied in many strategic structures, such as mines, dams, waste water treatment plants, railway stations and levees. This results in many recommendations and the cooperating contractors gain the required training in using Kalmatron products.      


2012 - Drycon orders laboratory tests of KALMATRON D, a new generation concrete reinforcement product, which significantly decreases concrete’s absorbability thus increasing its water-resistance. The tests carried out in Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials,   JSC ALZIDA and others confirm the qualities of KALMATRON D admixture.